Amber Loach – Podcast Interview with Prominence Partner RecWired

Recruitment marketing is unknown territory for many recruiters ­ and rightly so! It’s not necessarily considered a core function for a startup agency that is in the process of building its client and candidate base from existing networks.

But once you’ve reached your sweet spot ­ you have a team of Consultants with established personal brands and a bank of loyal clients ­ you might start thinking about how marketing takes your growth to the next level

In a recent podcast, our Director of Growth, Amber Loach, sat down for a chat with Andy Hallett from RecWired about Prominence, our exciting plans for 2023 and the lowdown on recruitment marketing trends.

They discussed our top advice for recruitment agencies looking to kick-start their marketing activities, from identifying and summarising those key business challenges and learning to find a balance between your EVP and CVP – as well as what those are!

Amber and Andy also had the time to discuss thrilling predictions for the recruitment industry this year, as well as some exciting news about the opening of a new Prominence office in Europe!

Ready to hear more? You can listen to the full episode now.

Access the Full Podcast Now

You can listen to the full conversation between Amber and Andy on RecWired’s podcast now. Or, if you’d like to chat with Amber about opportunities to enhance your recruitment marketing activities, get in touch today.