Outsourcing isn’t for everyone, but gone are the days when recruitment agencies could do everything themselves. You may already have your recruitment database sat in the cloud, your emails hosted by Microsoft or Google, accounts and payroll run by a third party or your HR issues dealt with by a consultant.

Marketing is no different. The major benefit when working with us is that you have access to a dedicated Account Manager who understands your recruitment agency. You also have access to an entire team of digital marketing specialists, from graphic designers and copywriters to campaign and email marketing strategists. That means we can hit the ground running and start delivering for your recruitment agency straight away with no training and minimal onboarding .

This one is easily answered – the recruitment sector is unlike any other. It takes time for an external marketing agency to come up to speed with the various industry nuances.

Our team works 100% on recruitment clients, so we understand the intricacies and trends of our industry as well as yours. The language, the shifts in the market and the specific needs of recruitment clients and candidates. Some of our team members have even worked as recruiters before making the leap to marketing, so they have first-hand experience running desks and understand the challenges that brings.

The simple answer is that we have built our reputation on our ethical and transparent approach to business. The longer answer contains several components.

  1. If an idea is unique to your agency, it remains that way. Even with an internal marketer this isn’t the case, as they can leave for the competition and take the idea with them, or someone else can simply copy you.
  2. We have strict ethics walls internally, keeping each client’s work separate from one another and ensuring confidential information is never shared across clients.
  3. We firmly believe the benefits you get from our industry experience, having worked with just recruiters for such a length of time, far outweighs the small risks.
Yes, and we have several clients that do. We can make your marketer’s life easier, eradicating the need to juggle multiple vendors for each marketing element and providing support and expertise across either delivery or strategy.

We exist to make your life easier. However, we won’t partner with recruitment agencies that aren’t fully invested in marketing. It is a two-way street and success requires a certain amount of your time and opinion. On average our clients normally spend between four to six hours a month working with us on marketing.

We offer three different pricing models depending on how much support you need – an end-to-end outsourced marketing model, social media only and an onsite marketer. Each involves a monthly retainer fee and a minimum commitment of 12 months. Read more about our delivery models.

We have a three-tiered Account Management model on all client accounts, so you’ll always be able to get in touch:
  • Marketing Account Manager – your dedicated day-to-day point of contact
  • Director – involved in strategy work and an escalation contact
  • Marketing Account Specialist – helping with smaller tasks such as daily approvals and administrative support
We are a global business working across five regions. While your Account Manager will always be based in your local market, you will also have access to an extended team who are available 24-hours a day across multiple time zones.