Heather Loo

Database Marketing Specialist

Heather is a driven and accomplished professional with a diverse range of experience across marketing, education, and content creation. As a Management Trainee and Marketing Executive, she honed her skills in account management and creative marketing strategies. Heather is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Consumer Science at Universiti Putra Malaysia, where she previously completed her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language (German) with excellent grades.

Outside of her professional work and studies, Heather has a range of passions and interests, including gaming, philosophy, pop culture, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. She is known for her innovative ideas, eye for detail, and ability to get things done. Heather values transparency and is quick to spot potential issues, thanks to her keen eye for loopholes. She is also known for her sense of humour, frequently cracking dad jokes and puns, and sharing memes with her colleagues and friends.