Thivennya Manokaran

Social Media Specialist

One of the latest additions to the Prominence team, Thivennya Manokaran brings a combination of grit, curiosity and lightheartedness to her role as our Social Media Specialist. After completing her communications degree in the US, Thivennya has made her mark in content writing, social media management and marketing roles.

Her work philosophy rests on a solid combination of emotional intelligence – to build real connections with audiences, resilience – in handling the challenges of social media management, and a passion for learning – to stay ahead of the curve and innovate.

Passionate about the finer things in life, like music and travel, Thivennya is a bit of a daredevil, having dabbled in adrenaline-raising activities like bungee jumping and scuba diving. You may also find her experimenting with unique flavours in the kitchen, indulging in her love of baking. Should Prominence ever need to win a dance competition, Thivennya will be our MVP – she’s been known to win a contest or two!