6 Marketing Tips for Recruitment Agencies

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Recruitment Agencies

The Australian recruitment marketing sector is continuously changing, and never more so than now. If you are wondering what marketing your recruitment agency should be doing, take a read of these six marketing tips specifically for recruitment agencies.

Recruitment Marketing Tip #1: Get More Out of Your Website

The quality of recruitment websites has increased significantly in recent years, to a point where most recruiters have a site that is fully responsive and well set up for client and candidate audiences. The 6 Digital Marketing Tips for Recruitment Agencies 01problem with this is that the level of competition has grown and therefore more attention has to be paid to what is going on behind the scenes. When we look at new websites, they often have not been thought through from an architecture perspective, nor has the wording been crafted with SEO in mind.

Fixing this doesn’t have to be complicated. At a high level, ensure you have all the core pages that your audience would naturally look for, and that you have a dedicated page catering to each of your core disciplines, roles and delivery areas. This is fairly easy if you are a specialist business – if not, my advice is to focus your efforts on the areas that the majority of your revenue comes from.

It is still relatively easy to be at the top of the Google search results for one or two core search phrases, so pick carefully and double down your efforts. If this doesn’t lead to results, you can adjust from there until you find the right terms.

Recruitment Marketing Tip #2: Leverage the Power of Automation

Automation is slowly creeping into our sector, not just for marketing but also for things like compliance. One of the main benefits of automation is that it allows you to get more value out of your database and also take care of some of the jobs that recruiters either do not enjoy doing or simply do not have the time to do. In the current market where the volume of candidates is high, this can be particularly valuable to help weed through applicants and find those that are a good fit.

At a base level, automation should look to validate applications and reactivate candidates that are already on your database.

Recruitment Marketing Tip #3: Engage Your Recruiters

Get this right, and this is where the magic happens. Unfortunately, in most businesses’ recruiters are so busy with their day-to-day tasks that supporting marketing efforts tends to take a backseat. Luckily, there are a couple of tools you can utilise to addresses this.

One of my favourite marketing ideas is to make a competition of it – this is great for short-term wins or to boost a specific campaign. To track the progress and success of these, I favour the LinkedIn social selling index.

Another quick win is to utilise a new LinkedIn tool that enables you to push daily content out to your company’s employees directly on LinkedIn. Before this existed, another way to do this would be to manually copy the link and share it across the team – sometimes this is still necessary as they may not be active on LinkedIn (or paying attention to notifications).

Recruitment Marketing Tip #4: Don’t Skimp on Advertising

Most recruitment agencies have become good at generating their own content, from quick social posts of team outings to larger industry-wide reports. The next challenge to overcome is that marketing is no longer free. Go back five years and this was not the case; the commercialisation of social media was still in its relative infancy. This meant a single post on social media would often reach hundreds if not thousands of people in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, enabling a brand to be built with very little cost.

These days, there is significantly more competition on social media platforms, so to have true impact, you have to be prepared to spend. An annual advertising budget may include offline advertising, but should definitely include paid advertising on the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and potentially new channels such as Snapchat (depending on the market).

Recruitment Marketing Tip #5: Don’t Forget EDMs

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) continues to be one of the most successful ways of marketing a recruitment brand to both new and existing candidates and clients. If you are using an automation product this may 6 Digital Marketing Tips for Recruitment Agencies 02help, but if not, it is essential to utilise tools like MailChimp to communicate both your brand and sales messaging to your audiences. We have consistently seen this to be one of the main sources of high-quality leads, outside of business development calls.

Recruitment Marketing Tip #6: Choose the Right Marketing Partner

Obviously, we are biased! However, whether you choose to go with fully outsourced marketing or are just looking for ad hoc support, choosing the right partner that truly understands the recruitment industry and the specific niche within which you work significantly increases your likelihood of success. Interested to find out more? We would love to chat.


There’s no question that an effective recruitment marketing strategy makes a big difference to the reach your brand has. By using our top recruitment agency marketing ideas, you can attract individuals and businesses that were previously off the radar, convert these into leads and then develop them into new clients or candidate placements.

To learn more about marketing strategies for recruitment agencies, or if you’re keen to see which strategies would be best for you, please get in touch.