PPC & Digital Advertising for Recruitment Agencies

Our 10 years of expertise in PPC and digital advertising for recruitment agencies means we know what works and where would be the best use of your budget. 

Utilising paid advertising channels can help your recruitment agency get in front of clients, candidates and recruiters outside of your existing networks.

There are plenty of platforms, from Google to social channels such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, where you can allocate an advertising budget to reach a target audience by selecting specific criteria.

So, whether you’re looking to show ads to potential clients searching for specialist recruitment agencies on Google, or target candidates on LinkedIn based on their location, job title or company – we can help. 

PPC & Digital Advertising for Recruitment Agencies

Our Approach to PPC & Digital Advertising

When developing a paid advertising campaign for your recruitment agency, we treat it as a mini version of your overarching marketing strategy and define:

Campaign objectives – what we are trying to achieve?

Target audience – who do we want to reach?

Budget – how much money do we want to invest to get the results you need?

We then analyse the targeting tools within the chosen platform (e.g. LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Google) and use that information to profile your customer, such as through their location, their seniority, their function, or their interests.

Developing eye-catching and engaging ad content is next on the list, and our content marketing and graphic design teams can help create an ad that cuts through. We’re talking visuals, such as animation or videos supported by copy that drives action.

Finally, our tracking and reporting capabilities mean we’ll be able to keep an eye on the campaign and quickly make changes to deliver better results.

PPC & Digital Advertising Case Study

As a social media marketing agency that specialises in the recruitment sector, we have successfully built and managed social media advertising campaigns to attract passive and active clients, candidates, and recruiters. A recent Instagram / Facebook campaign we ran successfully generated:

Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies
1.22 Million Impressions

That's a lot of people seeing the brand

Paid Advertising
23,000 Clicks

Bringing people to the website

SEO for Recruitment Agencies - Icon 3
5,300 Details Captured

For recruiters to follow up with

Recruitment Marketing Paid Advertising Campaigns
91 Candidate Leads

Ready to place into open vacancies

Hear from Our Customers

To find a recruitment marketing agency who understood the challenges of the industry and our specific needs has been hugely advantageous, allowing us to hit the ground running with our campaigns and social requirements.

We can't thank the team at Prominence enough for their planning and account management.

Recruitment Marketing Agency Testimonial
Harvey Thomas

We work very closely with Prominence for all our Marketing and Social Media campaigns.

They are always offering great support, and we would highly recommend her, and the Prominence team, to any business.


Recruitment Marketing Agency
Fields & Rudd

I would highly recommend Amber and the team. They are a specialist Recruitment Marketing agency with great knowledge.

They offer great support and have helped modernize our marketing strategy and elevate our brand.


Alexander Associates Logo
Alexander Associates

Prominence listen and understand the key drivers and direction for our business and work with us to suggest and create new and creative content which is authentic and true to our values.

Feedback on our marketing has been really positive so thank you Prominence!

WE Talent Logo
WE Talent

If you are a new recruitment company and looking forward for tremendous support with highly trained professionals, I would recommend, Prominence.

We are about to finish tenure of 2 years with them, and we have saved significant costs around the marketing and have got double the results. 

WESolutions Logo

The Prominence team are an integral part of our business.

Their ability to understand our strategy and the marketing direction we require is critical to our success.

They deliver high quality work with minimal guidance.


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Beyond Recruitment
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