How to Build a Marketing Plan for your Recruitment Agency

How to Build a Marketing Plan for Your Recruitment Agency

Building a marketing strategy for your recruitment agency is an essential step in aligning your sales and marketing teams, but it isn’t always a straightforward task.

When you’re getting started, there are a couple of things you need to do first in order to make your marketing plan a success:

1) Identify your business goals

The goal of any marketing strategy is to contribute to your business goals. In recruitment, your goals will usually look something like this:

  • X jobs per month
  • X inbound client leads per month
  • X internal hires per quarter
  • X revenue generated per quarter/month

2) Identify your marketing KPIs

Once your business goals are established, the next step is to look at how marketing can support these goals. You might want to look at key metrics like:

  • Website traffic
  • Conversions on the website/campaigns
  • Report/case study downloads (if you’re looking at building a lot of downloadable content)
  • Referral traffic to conversion pages (did people come in from a blog and end up on the submit a vacancy page on your website?)
  • Social media engagement (how many people are clicking through on your content?)
  • Quality leads from a specific campaign
  • Google ranking (are you showing up for the right keywords on Google?)

Keep in mind that we wouldn’t recommend looking at all of these metrics at once. Identify 3-5 that you want to focus on and reassess them every quarter so ensure they remain relevant. Start by identifying these metrics from the last two years so you have a baseline to help you determine what ‘success looks like. A realistic goal can be anywhere between 5-15% growth per year.

Top tip: Google Analytics and Google Search Console can show you most of this information. Make sure you have it set up on your website! You can ask your web provider or marketing manager to do this for you, or if you’re partnering with a recruitment marketing agency, they will already have this all up and running.

How to Structure a Recruitment Marketing Strategy Template

When you’re putting together your recruitment marketing plan, it needs to include:

  • Dates
  • Title of the project
  • Budget
  • Any key dates in the business calendar

For example:

We know that creating your recruitment marketing plan from scratch might seem a bit overwhelming, so we have put together a free resource to help you get started.

Download your recruitment marketing strategy template here.

Work with a Recruitment Marketing Specialist

Of course, completing and maintaining your recruitment agency marketing plan template can be a significant time commitment, time that is often taken away from other parts of the business. If all this seems like too much right now and you have bigger things to think about, it might be a good idea to think about partnering with a specialist – that’s us!

Prominence is a marketing agency for recruiters. Creating recruitment marketing strategies and delivering everything that goes into one is what we do every day for recruitment agencies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

If you need help putting together your marketing strategy, get in touch via our form to find out if our marketing services would be a good fit for your recruitment agency.