Marketing Strategy for Recruiters: A Conversation with Prominence


Recruitment marketing can mean the difference between a boom and a bust for agencies. If you want to keep winning new business and develop a brand image that draws in the best candidates, you’ll find those goals are impossible without adequate marketing resources.

If you’re an in-house marketer for a recruitment agency, where do you begin with the plethora of activities and tools you need for effective marketing? There are so many plates to spin! And how can you bring it all together with an approved marketing budget and well-defined marketing objectives? The truth is that many marketers simply can’t.

Plenty of recruitment agencies have excellent internal marketing teams who can pull it all off, but there are many more who struggle to use their resources wisely.

In a recent podcast, our Managing Director, Amber Loach, sat down for a chat with Lysha from The Recruiter’s Recruitment Podcast to discuss the challenges faced by in-house marketers working within recruitment agencies and the importance of leadership buy-in for building a mature marketing strategy .

They covered tips on how to recognise when to outsource recruitment marketing, creating engaging LinkedIn content, enlisting employees as marketing assets, with real-world examples.

Ready to hear more? Get enlightened by two industry professionals with experience in the trenches! Grab a cuppa and listen to the full episode now.  

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