Prominence UK is a go! Australasian outsourced recruitment marketing agency opens its doors in London

The past year has been a rollercoaster for businesses across the world, to say the least, and Prominence has not been immune to the effects. But the recruitment marketing agency is taking challenges in its stride and leveraging new market opportunities through the launch of Prominence UK – with marketing buff and long-time team member Amber Loach at the helm as Director.

Previously serving as Marketing Strategy Manager, Amber was one of the first employees in the Prominence Australia business and has proved time and time again that her dedication to clients, knowledge of the recruitment world and marketing expertise are second to none. A UK office has been in the pipeline for Prominence for several years, and with recent events leaving Amber stranded in England, it quickly became clear that this was the perfect chance to hit go!

“When I joined Prominence, opening a new business in a new country was not something I had my sights on, but the opportunities and support Chris and the Prominence team have given me have been incredible,” said Amber.

“I’m stoked to be back in London and ready to bring the success Prominence has had in Australia and New Zealand to Europe!”

Prominence Managing Director Chris South commented that “We have been strategically working our processes with a view to bringing a unique offering to England for some time now. Having built a following in Australia through her work, Amber is the perfect person to take our brand and way of doing things to this new market.”

“For me personally, after nearly 15 years away it feels like a bit of a homecoming, so I am absolutely thrilled to be in a position to do this,” he added.

In the current environment, it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd. Prominence’s results-focused in-bound digital marketing services are proven to enhance the productivity and profitability of recruitment agencies. The marketing business targets three core recruitment audiences referred to as “the three Cs”: Candidates, Clients and Consultants (recruiters). Each of these requires a different strategy but they are all focused on producing the same end-result – an increased volume of quality jobs and improved job fill rates.



For more information or to request Prominence’s latest case studies, please contact:

Amber Loach

Director – UK

+44 7561 385709

Email: [email protected]