Here’s-How-to-Get a-Better-Response-from-Candidates

Recruiters: Here’s How to Get a Better Response from Candidates

Nearly every business we work with is now operating a candidate short market. Obviously, this means that candidates themselves are receiving significantly more recruiter and job approaches. Our job as marketers has been flipped on its head, to looking for ways to support recruiters as they try to make their candidate outreach and approaches stand out.

Over the last few months, we have seen several tactics prove to be incredibly successful in doing this.

1. Video

There are tens if not hundreds of video applications out there, but which one you choose doesn’t really matter – the key point is to use video. Our clients that use video to reach out to candidates on platforms such as LinkedIn are seeing significantly higher response rates.

A simple smartphone setup with decent light and microphone, plus a willingness to have a go, is all you need.

Our favourite tool for this purpose from both a functionality and cost perspective is Loom, because it offers additional features such as notifications when your videos have been viewed.

2. Role Briefs

A good quality job advert has always been important, but on its own, is often no longer enough. Our clients that fill exclusive and retained roles (which is most of them these days) are working with us to create role briefs that can be shared. The executive search firms have been doing this for a while, but we are seeing this trend pushing into most recruitment agencies.

Again, there are tools that can help with the distribution of these such as Qwilr, however, a simple, well-designed PDF is a great place to start.

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3. Automation

For some roles, there is simply not enough time to reach out to every suitable candidate on the database. In these situations, recruiters are utilising targeted mass emails (or texts), paired with automation that is designed to nurture the candidates.

This could be in the form of several vacancies promoted to a specific group of candidates, or a single vacancy sent to an identified shortlist. The automation component makes it more likely that the candidate will see and engage with the job information by automatically resending the email to those who haven’t initially opened it.

We’re a little biased, but Roi-AI is the best place to start here!

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4. Animation

When it comes to promoting job vacancies on social media channels such as LinkedIn, old-fashioned text ads and even branded images are struggling to gain impact. Alongside a video, animated ads have far greater reach and engagement, and are proving to be a real winner for our clients.

Historically, producing animation has been expensive, but there are now many platforms out there that make this significantly quicker and cheaper. If you’re an agency owner or marketing manager looking to take advantage of animation but also maintain control, then our newest platform, Valve47, could definitely be worth considering.

If you need more advice on how to get the market’s best talent to engage with your roles, feel free to get in touch – our team of recruitment marketing specialists has all the strategies, skills and digital tools to help you get ahead.